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About Karen

About Karen

Facilitated by Karen van der Bijl, a qualified  & rolex replica montessori pre-primary teacher and artist.
Karen has studied and been involved in Arts and design most of her life, from a young toddler, to being awarded best Art Student throughout High School. Diploma in MultiMedia& advertising, at AAA (Association of Advertising Agencies),  A love for children took her after retiring from a short 6yr professional cycling career to studying the rolex replica Teaching Education for 2,5-6yrs.
With this integration of knowledge, she understands why its so healing for one to create ART, its the process, the journey of rolex replica sale that's enlightening, relaxing & letting go of limitations - self liberating

Karen has always had a love to teach, children and alike, allowing to discover and explore their inherent creative flair & fun, no matter what age or discipline.
Its always fun to create your own masterpiece!

Karen has studied & is  experienced in mind-scape, bodytalk, quantum mechanics, vibrational healing, meditation and professional sport. Karen is a softly spokened, gentle natured young woman with a fun childish sparkle,she'll get you having fun in no time.
She loves painting & creating beautiful pieces of artwork with groups.
Her passion is to work with the children of this earth, creating a better future and happy brighter children.

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