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Offered to groups of any age. Can be specifically designed to meet your requirements for any particular intention.

Art Journeys are creative Expression workshops that connect you with your passion, your dreams, love & life and to create on canvas using different colours & mediums, to create the manifestation of your vision.

Art Journeys are a great way of connecting to your vision. A fun creative way to express your feelings and dreams on canvas, a starting point of manifesing your dreams into starting to become a reality.

Art Journeys can be designed to suit your needs.

You arrange the people & the space, everything else is supplied.
Please enquire if you are interested.
email: karen@dancinghands.co.za

Colours have always been associated with feelings and personality. It also creates different psychological and physiological reactions depending on the mood of the person. They are said to be windows to the soul in so much that it speaks of how you are feeling inside.

Here are some common colors and the meanings associated with them.


This color is said to have a calming and relaxing effect. It also symbolizes serenity and infinity since it has been associated with the sea and sky. However, this color has something to do with the feelings of loneliness and depression. People who love the blue shade are considered “cool”.


This color indicates life. It is considered to have a restful effect and the same calming attributes with the shade of blue. It signifies growth, health, and environment and has been associated with money. Green, on the other side, may indicate jealousy or envy.


The red color indicates seemingly conflicting emotions of love and war. It is a strong color that symbolizes strength, power, passion, danger, and death. Red, considered as the hottest of all the warm colors, can also be associated with anger.


Yellow means sunshine. It denotes joy, happiness, intellect and warmth. Like the red color, it has also conflicting symbolism. It can be associated with warm feelings but on the other hand, this color indicates deceit and cowardice.


Pink shows the soft and sweet side of red. This color also denotes a charming and romantic personality. It conveys as represents one the quality of being playful and tender. It denotes love, beauty and compassion. However, too much of the pink shade creates communicates physical weakness.


This color denotes energy and warmth. As a warm color, orange is usually associated with energy, determination, success and enthusiasm. Since it is the combination of red and yellow, it can also be associated with aggression but with lesser intensity.

The meanings associated with the different colors may vary from one place to anotheracross cultures. But regardless of the culture you come from, your favorite color may reveal your hidden personality.