8-sided Drum   Bass Drum

These unique 8 sided- octagon shape drums are made with boerbok velom(goat-hide)

Beater not included.

Beater on order: R200

Make your own drum-workshop groups also available.

This unique double -sided drum, with stand, is made from Oryx velom.

These Style drums are made to order.

Beaters are not included. Can be selected individually, from R200.

Different veloms available on request :

  • cow
  • oryx
  • wildebeest

    when stocks available

Price R700
Price: fromR 4000
product no: 300
product no: 301
  Round Drum - Commission Only   Round Drum

These beautiful round drums are made to order, hand crafted using goat velom.

Drum head size:

Drum Beater not included. R200

Light through the drum.

Price R1700

product no: 302
  8-sided Drum - Drum Workshop   Rattles

Join this amazing "Make your Own

Drum Workshop" - now making the 8-sided drum only.

The hexagon shape, seen above,

This exquisitely crafted rawhide rattle consists of rawhide head, black bear fur and peyote beading.

Excellent tool for all shamanic work and music making.

Price R1200
product no: 303

Ceramic/Porcelain crafted Rattle: with a beautiful sound.
This rattle has an impala horn handle.


Made to order only.

From: R600

product no: 304