Wands used for Healing & Reiki.

  Wand - Ametrine & Danburite   Wand - Blue lace agate & Kyanite

This beautiful wand is put together with a stunning danburite handle and a large Machined Ametrine blade.

Aprox: 20 cm in length overall .

Blue Lace agate handle.

Citrine points on the sides:
Haematite in centre.

Kyanite Blade.

Price R700 - SOLD
Price R750 - SOLD
product no: 200
product no: 201
  Wand - Impala Horn, Crystal Quartz   Wand - Quartz Crystal

This unique wand comprises a handle made from Impala Horn.

Large Quarts Crystal is set with ceramnic & red garnets.

Fynbos wood handle.

Quartz Crystal.

Price R650 - SOLD
Price R420 SOLD
product no: 202
product no: 203
  Wand   Wand

This unique Wand made with smoky quarts and black obsidion orb

Amethest and cut citrine quarts crystal point, a beautiful Reiki tool

Price R400 - SOLD
Price R280 - SOLD
product no: 204
product no: 205
  Wand   Wand


A beautiful Reiki tool for healing,

Quartz crystal & White Coral handle.

This amazing wand made from South African Fynbos as the handle and Smoky Quarts Crystal point .

Price R480
Price R300
product no: 206
product no: 207
  Wand   Wand

This unique Lazer Quarts wand is an excellent Reiki tool .

Green Calcite orb wand.

Price R 380 - SOLD
Price R400 - SOLD
product no: 208
product no:209
  Wand   Wand

Quarts Crystal with Black Tormaline rutilations.


Spirit Quartz and Citrine.
A great Reiki Tool for healing.

Price R400
Price: R 400
product no: 210
product no: 211
  Wand   Wand

Spirit Quarts Crystal with Orange Calcite.

Good for psychic surgery.


Spirit Quartz & White Coral.
A great Reiki Tool for healing.

Price R400
Price: R400
product no: 212
product no: 213
  Wand   Wand

Reiki Healing Tool .


Quarts crystal with Amthyst orb.


Quarts crystal with Lapiz Lazuli orb.
A great Reiki Tool for healing.

Price R300
Price R300
product no: 214
product no: 215